My morning with my NEW Dentist

Today was dreaded day for me. I mean, who REALLY enjoys dental surgery and bone grafting? No one I’m certain of it. And it most certainly doesn’t top the list of things for me to do on my bucket list before I die. No way. I’m home now and I’m not really a very good patient […]

Erinn Weatherbie, Colleen Childs and Kelly Childs celebrating Erinn's Graduation from McMaster University!

Erinn, my daughter, the Graduate!

My daughter Erinn… Well the time has come and she is officially done school…we celebrated Erinn’s graduation from McMaster University yesterday at our home. Thank you to my wonderful husband Ken (the best party planner ever), the event was spectacular. Dear Erinn, No words will ever fully express how I feel and what this day […]

Kelly's Mother; Colleen Childs

My Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! This is a very heart-felt tribute to my awesome mom, Colleen. The world is a whole lot brighter because of her love and her ‘spirited’ and energetic love of living. I just think the world of her and wish I’ve told her more often. I love her so much. Bright, always […]

Kelly Childs holding an orange in Palm Springs California


Do you ever stop and visualize what’s possible in your life or business? Are you driven? Driven to not stop for any reason to attain our goals, even if it takes weeks, months, all hours of the night? Do you dream about things you want to happen and how you want your life to look?  (You […]

Erinn’s 22nd Birthday

April 19th, 1990. This was a special day for me. It was the day, 22 years ago, that my beautiful daughter was born – MY gift. She is by far my bestest friend, fantastic cupcake co-baker, and level-headed old soul. I’m humbled by her brilliance and how she always knows what to say or do […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 to everyone on this beautiful planet.   It’s hard not to be grateful this time of year when I can reflect and count my many blessings that have been bestowed upon me in my life. My forever, adoring husband Ken, my dazzling and brilliant daughter, Erinn; her dashing boyfriend Mike; his wonderful family; […]