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Meditation – Finding Your Centre Amid the Chaos

Meditation In A Busy World: Finding Your Centre Amid The Chaos Meditation has been around for centuries, but lately it has been experiencing a revival as more and more people are seeing how relevant this ancient Buddhist practice is with today’s modern lifestyles. Studies have proven the many benefits of meditation: It gives you clarity, […]

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Creating YOUR life….On Purpose.

Many of us go through our days awake, but following patterns we’ve developed over the years. We are going through the motions, doing things at home, online, at work without much forethought. Contrast this with the idea of an Intentional Life: everything you do is done with consciousness, fulfilling one of your core values (compassion, […]

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Are you living your life yet

Each and every day, life offers us countless opportunities for new growth, exciting adventures and the chance to be exactly who we want to be – but we rarely see more than a sliver of the miraculous possibilities around us. You see, most of us are too busy doing what we think we have to […]

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The Secrets of Solitude

The Secrets of Solitude – Enjoying Quiet Time Our world is plugged in. Everywhere we turn, people are talking and texting on phones, listening to iPods, scrolling relentlessly on tablets, and deeply engaged on laptops.  We are connected through chargers and WiFi in the airwaves – letting these gadgets rule our lives, our very own […]

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Changes in My Life for 2013

The Universe always works in a dynamic exchange with your body, mind, and environment. In nature, giving and receiving different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe are what permit the continual bounty we enjoy and is what we call life. As Buddha shared, “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single […]