Kelly Childs on a couch

This is what 50 looks like!

Awesomeness at 50. Celebrating my half century today! (and being cool in my own skin). My goodness it’s here and I’m okay. I made it! I’m the same person that I was 20, 30, 40 years ago….but I have to say, only a better, more refined and updated model. 🙂 To think of all the […]

Kelly Childs with her father Russ Childs on a hotel room bed in 1970

Happy Father’s Day

This is a day for gratefulness and a little sentimentality….I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little emotional writing this. When it comes time  to speak of my dad, it chokes me up just because I miss him and his huge energy so much. Words will never be able to explain the depth […]

Kelly's Mother; Colleen Childs

My Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! This is a very heart-felt tribute to my awesome mom, Colleen. The world is a whole lot brighter because of her love and her ‘spirited’ and energetic love of living. I just think the world of her and wish I’ve told her more often. I love her so much. Bright, always […]