Kelly Childs owner of Kelly's Bake Shoppe

Connecting Our Souls For 2019

I started to write this post 3 days ago. I wanted to write about being in the present moment and taking in every breath, every sound, every sight, and treasuring it dearly. Right now in this very moment is the gift, not what could happen tomorrow or the days gone past. I thought I had […]

Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie

Happy New Year 2018

It’s another New Year’s Eve upon us and by all sentimental rights, it is the time to re-evaluate our paths that we are currently following and create new mantras and resolutions to lead us into a life worth living. Right? Say, “Yes”! Its time to give up on the old and useless repeatedly crappy patterns […]

Kelly Childs Goals 2017

Devotion To My New Life

Every day is the chance to start a new life. How many of us promise to change and commit to being healthier, happier, kinder, stop our bad habits….and more. I think that resolutions are hard on us and create a negative dialogue within our minds. We beat ourselves up when we fail and chances are, we […]