Kelly Childs': Bikini Season Tonic

Kelly’s Bikini Season Tonic

This was a best-seller at Kindfood (now called Lettuce Love Cafe) from the day we opened! Women, especially, swear that it helps them to lose body fat. It’s perfect for the summer or anytime you think you need a quick detox. Chosen for their fat-flushing properties, these ingredients will make you feel vibrant and healthy! Active […]

Kelly Childs drinking one of her delicious smoothies

Sustainable Resolutions 2014 ..and more giggling too

More giggling in the New Year…what a concept and totally attainable. Even for this fresh, brand new 50 year old from 2013! In the spirit of not overburdening ourselves with too many ideas and goals and resolutions – I’m keeping this post short and hopefully, very sweet for you. What I’ve always found with “New […]