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Are You Living Your Life Yet

Make your life the best one you can ever imagine. Close your eyes and dream it. There is no fear. There is just the illusion of what the future holds and it’s up to us to take that step to co-create what is deep in our hearts. We can manifest any reality we desire. TRUST […]

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Thanksgiving Gratefulness

With love & gratefulness & thankfulness, Erinn Weatherbie and I would like to say to each and every one of you, “Thank you for coming into our lives”. We are this simple mom and daughter team with a dream and a passion to live life differently. We don’t know how to do it any other […] | | Kelly and Erinn

I Have Everything In Me I Need

A thought from me: “I have everything in me I need. The only thing ever holding me back is me, my fears and my perception of my reality. It’s pretty simple actually. The practice daily is to trust that the path I am on is fully supported. I am exactly where I need to be […]

How to S.L.O.W. Down…..and enjoy life.

I’m a big advocate of trying to slow down the pace of life, simplifying our lives, being less busy in our moments… but what if you can’t? (I’m a big talker believe me, my life is nothing short of full-out craziness running two VERY BUSY businesses). What if your life can’t be made less busy — are […]

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Finding your Power

It’s important for us to remember that only thing we have any control over in life is our inner world. In other words that means our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, where we choose to focus our time and attention, even the meaning or the interpretation we give to things and how we choose to […]

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Looking within to find the answers

Life hits you sometimes clear between the eyes to let you know that something is amiss. Maybe you don’t feel well, your stomach feels full and yet, you haven’t eaten, you have some strange aches and pains, people make you agitated, and your thoughts may have become muddled. You don’t feel aligned with the planet […]

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Astaxanthin – the most Powerful Antioxidant.

Over the past few years, Astaxanthin has earned a fantastic reputation as one of the most potent and powerful nutritional supplements ever made. In a nutshell, Astaxanthin is a fat-soluble antioxidant with neuroprotective support. It may help with a multitude of functions such as: Reduce inflammation in joints and tissues Support muscle recovery and stamina […]

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How to find YOUR Happiness.

How to Find YOUR Happiness What I learned is that I already had all I needed for happiness, but it was buried beneath my insecurities, my discontent with my life, my loathing of my body and myself. I already had it, but it was all covered up. What I’ve discovered is it’s all fantasy…..and we […]