Empathy Forgiveness and Kelly Childs

Empathy is Difficult

Re-posted from August 2015…… Empathy is difficult. “If you believed what he believes, you’d probably do precisely what he’s doing. Think about that for a second. People act based on the way they perceive the world (their world). We react, we get angry, we cry, we are joyful, we praise, we are critical, we shout, we scream, […]

Kelly Childs and Gratitude

Where to Find Abundance

So much of our cultural conditioning pulls us out of the present moment, striving for an impossible ideal in the unknown future. We are lost in the (make believe) future and hope to find what we currently ‘lack’, or be happy when we finally look different physically or be joyful….if we finally achieve ‘this or […]

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Happy Birthday Erinn!

Being my daughter’s mother is my greatest honour.  Today, is April 19, 2016, and twenty-six years ago, I became the greatest job that would ever be bestowed upon me. I became a mom. (Happy Birthday Erinn!). Thirty-seven hours later, with a ton of physical trauma, and a spiritual transformation that only I could intimately understand, […]

Kelly Childs | Erinn Weatherbie

Owning Our Power and Sexiness in Our 50’s

I can’t thank ALL of you enough for showering me with so much love for my birthday this weekend. Thank you to all of our customers, our beautiful staff, friends, family and loyal fans around the globe that have all supported us (Erinn and I) and our passion for what we choose to do every day. It […]

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Happy Mother’s Day from me…. (a.k.a “Happy Superhero Day”)

Yup, it is really, “Happy Superhero Day!” There is more to being a “mom” than meets the eye and there is a reason I feel not quite right about this day because I feel that not all women feel included. That isn’t me just to accept the status quo and go along with this hallmark day […]