Easy Ways to Help the Environment

cut down food waste There are countless editorials and news stories on the amount of food that North Americans consume every year, but there is far less coverage of what we don’t eat. On average people in North America throw out about 40% of their food every year. This food waste ends up in landfills […]

A Guide To Solo Travel: Costa Rica

I just got back from travelling Costa Rica on my own and had an amazing time. Though some people are nervous to travel alone, it’s an amazing experience that everyone has to try at least once in their lifetime. If you plan the right way, stay safe, and know what you’re doing, taking a solo […]

Get To Know Spirit Rocks

I found out about Lana through a mutual friend. When I went to see Lana for the first time I was going through some difficult times in my personal life and was struggling with severe anxiety. Lana performed peaceful reiki sessions during her one on one sessions with me, and we’ve now grown to become […]

Unleash The Power Within

this weekend was one i’ll truly never forget. I had the opportunity to see Tony Robbins in San Jose, California for his bi-annual Unleash the Power Within event. There were over 10,000 people in attendance! Let’s just say it’s was a giant party!!! Initially I’d had my reservations about Tony Robbins. I didn’t really know […]