What I’ve Learned About Life in 51 Years

Today I turn 51. Officially I’m now into my 50’s and feeling some trepidation about it and yet, I’m going to try to allow myself to feel it and do my best to ‘become’ it. There’s no point in fighting it, denying aging or trying to reverse the process of evolving into “middle-age” as it’s here […]

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Costa Rica Living #Puravida

We’re still here for another 2 days – Just a quick (kind of quick) update on where we’ve been and what we’ve seen so far here in Costa Rica…so much to share and so little time. We spent our first night in Manuel Antonio (Quepos) and then off to Dominical Costa Rica. Dominical is this sleepy […]

Kelly Childs drinking one of her delicious smoothies

Sustainable Resolutions 2014 ..and more giggling too

More giggling in the New Year…what a concept and totally attainable. Even for this fresh, brand new 50 year old from 2013! In the spirit of not overburdening ourselves with too many ideas and goals and resolutions – I’m keeping this post short and hopefully, very sweet for you. What I’ve always found with “New […]

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Finding your Power

It’s important for us to remember that only thing we have any control over in life is our inner world. In other words that means our thoughts, our emotions, our feelings, where we choose to focus our time and attention, even the meaning or the interpretation we give to things and how we choose to […]