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Off To NYC To Ink the Book Deal

I’m off  to NYC! Back Friday…..   Just a quick update that I’m off to NYC and to sign the book deal we’ve been waiting for! Erinn and I are so excited. This book will encompass everything we’ve been up to in the plant-based, healthy world and how we arrived to where we are today. […]

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Costa Rica Living #Puravida

We’re still here for another 2 days – Just a quick (kind of quick) update on where we’ve been and what we’ve seen so far here in Costa Rica…so much to share and so little time. We spent our first night in Manuel Antonio (Quepos) and then off to Dominical Costa Rica. Dominical is this sleepy […]

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How Our Diets Affect us

How Our Diets Affect Us Unlike most creatures, humans eat not only to satiate hunger or to replenish lost nutrients; unlike other animals, humans derive pleasure from eating culinary masterpieces. New research even suggests that eating the stuff we love activates certain chemicals in our body, rewarding us for consuming sinful goodies. A well-balanced diet […]

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Meditation – Finding Your Centre Amid the Chaos

Meditation In A Busy World: Finding Your Centre Amid The Chaos Meditation has been around for centuries, but lately it has been experiencing a revival as more and more people are seeing how relevant this ancient Buddhist practice is with today’s modern lifestyles. Studies have proven the many benefits of meditation: It gives you clarity, […]

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A Time Out

Yesterday was kind of a nesting day for me. I was pretty much done (physical wise) from everything that has been on my plate for the past three weeks. I needed a day to stay at home and just be with me and my Pj’s. Emotionally and personally, I had to deal with some pretty big […]

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Spring Tune-up Juice

Somehow this is the winter that has never ended (today is no exception from 22C yesterday to 2C today) and it has just left so many of us ragged, full of toxins, sallow in colour and in need of a ‘Spring Tune-up’. We all need a new skip our our steps to be energized for […]

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Kelly’s Bake Shoppe. Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Peanut-Free, Gluten-Free….Vegan Bakery too

So proud to be who we are and grateful we are loved by so many. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is the healthiest bakery out there and to also be known as the front-runner of allergy-friendly establishments too is so rewarding. Kelly’s Bake Shoppe located in Burlington, ON and creates all of our products to be optimized in […]