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Thanksgiving Gratefulness

With love & gratefulness & thankfulness, Erinn Weatherbie and I would like to say to each and every one of you, “Thank you for coming into our lives”. We are this simple mom and daughter team with a dream and a passion to live life differently. We don’t know how to do it any other […] | | Kelly and Erinn

I Have Everything In Me I Need

A thought from me: “I have everything in me I need. The only thing ever holding me back is me, my fears and my perception of my reality. It’s pretty simple actually. The practice daily is to trust that the path I am on is fully supported. I am exactly where I need to be […]

Happy New Year!!

I’m making this year (2015) a year of love and kindness and deep learning for me. Some deep daily gratefulness too. I wish nothing less than this for all of you…. I had big dreams to write a beautiful and long post and share some deep profound feelings with a all of you but alas, […] | | egg nog smoothie vegan

Vegan Egg Nog Smoothie

Merry Christmas Morning! I hope Santa was very good to all of you. For me, I’m happy to just have the indulgence to stay in bed with a cup of herbal tea, and not worry about getting up at 4:30am to start my day. This is the best present of all:  Time for myself. I’ve made this […]