Awareness - Kelly Childs


This is the one that Kelly inspires us to STEP up into our AWARENESS of our emotions in the present moment. How do we move from our past and move into our future? Awareness into our inner relationship with ourselves. – What is being mirrored to us from our relationships around us? – What do […]

Break OUT from your comfort zone - Kelly Childs


Are YOU ready to break out of your comfort zone?⁠ YESSSS!!! We all have layers of protection around us that we’ve built up over the years. The layers could include a job we’re not passionate about but maybe it pays well so we sacrifice living our life. Maybe it’s a relationship that feels out of […]

Motivation Kelly and Erinn

FEAR AND DOUBT – Cut it Out!

Pay attention to the fear and doubt that run rampant in your body and mind – but don’t let them RUN your life. Having fear and doubt race through your mind with emotions can be honestly, stressful and debilitating – but sit with this: IT IS NATURAL. In fact, it is a GOOD THING! It […]


ONE of MY GOALS for 2020.  “Discipline in my life and especially, regarding my health and restore it to an optimal level so that I can THRIVE”. I also am setting my intention for manifesting magical and mystical experiences in my life every day. What I understand so clearly is if you don’t have your health, […]

Let it Go - Kelly Childs

“Over-Giving” Of Your Energy

Life lately has been moving at lightning speed and it’s easy to lose ourselves in the process of the flow with epic energy. MORE opportunities often mean MORE things to do and more people that want your attention. ⁣You can be pulled in a million directions at once. Trying to balance work, relationships, personal growth, […]

Kelly Childs


I had so many reservations about posting this particular photo… I mean who am I to post this picture of my butt? Who am I to think I should? It was a photo that when our photographer took it, she said, “put it on Pinterest and I promise you (it) will go viral”. I said, […]

Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie | Kelly's Bake Shoppe turns 7 | 2019

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe is SEVEN!

M A G I C. Thank you to the sweetest bake shoppe ever…for SEVEN (7) glorious years. We have seriously rocked this world like no other. You have evolved into a force of nature and brought such joy to 1000’s upon 1000’s of people’s lives. We are so blessed. Thank you Erinn. Your commitment to learn […]

I am enough

I Am Enough

I  A M  E N O U G H. When we realize that our story and perception of our ‘self’ comes directly from the (wounded) needs of others, a whole new perspective of our life emerges. (re-read this) We have placed all of our self-worth and value… Of how we feel about ourselves directly into […]

Kelly and Erinn on Mother's Day

Thank You “MOMS” 🌷

It’s possible to have many mothers. There’s the one who gave birth to you, and then there are all the women who raised you up. Mother’s Day is the day we honour not just our moms. It is the day we honour every soul that has graced our lives and helped shape us into who we […]