The Power of Carrots

Just for a moment, think about what you put on your skin to protect it from the sun. Earlier this week, I talked about Vitamin D and the massive health benefits for people. So now, I decided to write about how to protect your skin from the burning rays of sunshine and throw out the toxic sunscreen as […]

Essential Oils for Your Health

Essential oils are a natural solution to many everyday health problems. From headaches to skin conditions, each essential oil has its benefits and can be used for a wide variety of issues. As more people today try to stray away from traditional medicinal ingredients, alternative methods like essential oils are becoming more and more popular. […]

K+E Escape: Victoria

Travelling to the west coast of Canada was more than I ever expected and envisioned. As soon as I stepped off the plane (direct flight from Toronto to Victoria via Air Canada Rouge) I could smell the fresh air. Clean and crisp with no humidity. The scent of the trees and seawater was truly breathtaking. […]

Oh Canada. You're 150 Year's Old

  _TITLE_DATE_SLUG_ Oh Canada. We take you for granted. We know we do. We have freedom and opportunity like nowhere else on the planet. We have healthy food, clean water, freedom to love who we want. We have great weather, warm homes, love seats, comfy beds, blankets and air conditioning too. Automobiles, plenty of gas, […]

Yoga In The Street

For those of you that missed this, it was our biggest attendance yet. On Sunday, June 18th, our one and only: Erinn – held a yoga class called, “Street Yoga”, and about 200 people showed up to partake in yoga on Brant Street. It was incredible! Check out some of the photos of the morning: […]

Easy Ways to Help the Environment

cut down food waste There are countless editorials and news stories on the amount of food that North Americans consume every year, but there is far less coverage of what we don’t eat. On average people in North America throw out about 40% of their food every year. This food waste ends up in landfills […]

Get To Know Spirit Rocks

I found out about Lana through a mutual friend. When I went to see Lana for the first time I was going through some difficult times in my personal life and was struggling with severe anxiety. Lana performed peaceful reiki sessions during her one on one sessions with me, and we’ve now grown to become […]