Happy Birthday Erinn!

28 years ago, my dearest and best friend was born. The closest soul to my heart. Words could never begin to express the sheer gratitude for the depth of our connection, and the transmuting of energy we share.  After I birthed her, I simply knew there would be no others. I knew I would never […]

Matcha Lattes – Our Latest Addiction

What is Matcha? First of all, it is our latest addiction. We make it with a combination of non GMO soy milk and organic coconut milk. Rich, creamy and green and earthy tasting. Matcha came to Japan over a thousand years ago as an aid to meditation practice. During long hours of sitting, monks would […]

How to Feel Better When You’re Sick

This winter (cold and flu) season has been a tough one for us personally and also at the bake shoppe. It was a like a revolving door of staff that kept getting sick daily and we couldn’t stay on top of it. We filled our bake shoppe cupboards up with probiotics, enzymes, Oil of Oregano, […]

Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie

Happy New Year 2018

It’s another New Year’s Eve upon us and by all sentimental rights, it is the time to re-evaluate our paths that we are currently following and create new mantras and resolutions to lead us into a life worth living. Right? Say, “Yes”! Its time to give up on the old and useless repeatedly crappy patterns […]

How to Stay Sane During the Holidays

  The holidays can be a stressful time, even for the most balanced and prepared people, so it’s important to do everything you can to avoid the headache. If you plan ahead, get a routine in place, and take some time to breathe and enjoy, you’ll be able to stay sane during the entire holiday […]

The Gift of Giving

  Giving gifts is a big part of the holiday season. Deciding on the perfect present, rushing to the store to get it, and then wrapping it up just in time to gift is the thrill of the holidays. But, giving gifts isn’t all that we should be thinking about – being grateful and helping […]

Winter Remedies and Help For Dry Skin

Canadian winters are hard on our skin. We don’t really realize how much of a drying effect it can have on our hair and scalp and skin and nasal passages. I thought I would share some healthy natural protocols that we use every day and once you start, you will be like us and stop […]