Make Your Own Charcoal Lemonade

It seems like everyone is talking about activated charcoal these days! Well there’s a good reason for it. Activated charcoal is such an incredible ‘superfood’, full of great healthy properties some of which include: reducing gas and bloating, making skin look radiant, and detoxifying the entire body. It’s even AWESOME to make your teeth white! […]

Erinn's Lessons

Mom and I decided to drive to Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health, in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to bask in a weekend of spiritual love and our quest to go deeper into our lives by bringing in a more mindfulness practice. These retreats are reminders to keep nudging us forward into a more peaceful state and […]

The Art of Taking Time

in our world, time is so precious. We’re always in a hurry, constantly rushing from one thing to the next, with little down time in between. I often find myself in the middle many things. On my emails, engaging with staff, working on marketing materials, and running Kelly’s Bake Shoppe all at the same time. […]

A Guide To Solo Travel: Costa Rica

I just got back from travelling Costa Rica on my own and had an amazing time. Though some people are nervous to travel alone, it’s an amazing experience that everyone has to try at least once in their lifetime. If you plan the right way, stay safe, and know what you’re doing, taking a solo […]